Bungee Jumping

“Jump from a high suspension bridge and experience a true form of adventure in Nepal with us.”

You got a feeling that your life lacks some form of extreme adventure. Then why not come and try our electrifying Bungee Jump trip package as it is sure to give you one of a kindadventurous moment which you will remember for your entire lifetime.

Nepal in a sense is truly a treasure chest for any person who wishes to get adventure packed travel days. Popularly known as the nation of the mystifying Himalayas, Nepal appeals to a lot of travelers and explores around the globe with its isolated trek trails and heart pounding adventure activities such as Bungee Jumping. Travelling away from the hectic, dust filled Kathmandu valley, we take a lovely drive towards the western part of Nepal where the beautiful Trishuli River flows throughout the valleys and hills. Our Bungee Jump allows travelers to feel the authentic adrenaline rush while they fall down from a very high suspension bridge above the stunning Trishuli River. Surrounded by lush green hills and covered entirely by enthralling blue sky, the location suits perfectly to carry out Bungee Jump. Being so far away from Kathmandu city, our Bungee Jump trip package truly showcases a great mixture of adventure and nature. And for this reason alone, Nepal has been named as one of the most superb destinations for adventure seekers who love to do Bungee Jump.

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