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Three Diamond Adventures Pvt. Ltd.is a registered local tour operating company of Nepal and abides by the following terms and conditions which fundamentally define the jurisdictions of our offered trip packages and services.The references made to “we”, “our”, “us” and “the company” in these terms and conditions shall refer to “Three Diamond Adventure” and similarly “you”, “themselves” and “your” shall refer to any person or client who is about to purchase any of our online based products or trip packages. As soon as the client makes a booking with us, these terms and conditions shall come into existence as a contract which legally binds us and the clients.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before continuing on with your booking procedure.


To make a booking with us, the respective client shall send us the filled-up booking form along with the deposit payment of the trip package which was initially selected by the client themselves. Hence, after receiving both the booking form and the deposit payment receipt, a “Confirmation Letter” will be issued by us on the behalf of the client who had made the booking by the company through email. For this to happen, all the necessary information needed must be submitted to us by filling in the booking form with proper answers. The company cannot be held responsible, if any issues arise during the course of booking due to wrong information filled by the clients. Hence, we suggest our clients to check their answers before sending us the booking form. By making a booking with Three Diamond Adventure, the client acknowledges that a he/she has read the company’s terms and conditions.


Three Diamond Adventures accepts the payments by the following means:

- By Credit Cards

Payments can be made to Three Diamond Adventures Pvt. Ltd. by VISA & Master Cards.

-By Bank Transfer

Our Bank Details:

  • Three Diamond Adventures Pvt Ltd. Galkopakha,Thamel,Kathmandu
  • Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.Thamel, Kathmandu,Nepal
  •  A/C 0570010147240


Our bank have Noatro bank worlwide check bottom of the page for details. Do keep in mind that we are not responsible for any delay or loss which may occur during the transfer process.

Travel Insurance

To join any of our trip packages specially the ones which are meant to go at higher altitudes requires our clients to possess a legal and trustworthy Travel Insurance. Any trip made in the Himalayan nation usually is designed to take our clients above high elevation where the environment begins to become lethal for people with health problems regarding heart, lungs and brain. As with the rise in altitude comes the rise in the risk of getting Altitude Sickness which decreases one’s mental and physical fitness level drastically. This later on may even lead to death. Similarly, having a proper Travel Insurance can also help you get evacuated, reimburse your lost/theft of goods and lets you enjoy your holiday by taking a hefty pressure off your back.

It is highly recommended to purchase a Travel Insurance from a legally approved and verified Insurance provider. And if the client is unable to show the proof of their insurance when asked by the company then the company has the right to suspend/cancel their trip entirely without any forms of refunds.

Trip Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation made by either the client themselves or by the company itself, will follow our Trip Cancellation Policy. Hence, as per our Cancellation Policy, if the client wishes/desires to cancel their trips then a sum of cancellation fees will be charged by the company on behalf of the client who had previously made the booking. To properly cancel a trip, the client must provide the company with a self-written cancellation letter while mentioning the particular reason for the cancellation. This also implies to all of our short-tours and trekking packages.

The cancellation fees are calculated by the company in the following manner while keeping the day of booking in mind.

Cancellation before 30 days:

The company reserves 10% of the deposit amount.

Cancellation within 30-15 days:

The company reserves 20% of the deposit amount.

Cancellation within 15-7 days:

The company reserves 40% of the deposit amount.

Cancellation within 7-0 days:

The company reserves the entire paid amount.


Likewise, if some unforeseen events are to arise which are beyond the control of the company, then the company itself may decide to cancel the trip. In these sort of circumstances, the Three Diamond Adventure shall pay the full amount of trip back to the respective client and can even offer another trip package of the same cost to them. However, it is to keep in mind that if the client decides to leave the trip in between after starting the trip then the company retains the right to provide zero refunds to the client who has left the trip.

Medical Conditions

Here at Three Diamond Adventures, we additionally advise our clients to do some prior health checkups from their personal health physician and know if they are fit or healthy enough to join our trip package. The clients are themselves are to be held accountable for their own health condition which can interfere with their performance during the course of any trip offered by us. Any prior medical condition which can later on hamper their travel should be notified to the company before commencing the trip. Hence, if the clients are to be found lying about their physical/mental health conditions then the company can and will cancel their participation in the particular booked trip package. This also means the company will not provide any refunds to the affected client.

Itinerary Alteration and Flight Delays

The clients must be informed that any itinerary which was previously planned by the company before or after beginning the trip can be changed/reformed accordingly. It may be due to various reasons which can include bad weather conditions, political instability, natural disasters, accidental injuries, road blocks or any other unplanned events. In such cases, The Company shall initially inform the clients about the alternation/modification to the clients and will suggest proper support/coordination from the clients for the change in the itinerary. Just like that, if the flights get delayed or cancelled then the company will bear the cost of food & accommodation but only before the start of the trip in the city. As if the flights are to be delayed or cancelled while returning back, then the clients themselves must pay for their individual food & accommodation facilities.

Moreover, Three Diamond Adventures cannot be held accountable in the case of missed International Flights. However, the company can assist the clients to find an alternate flight but will not pay for any expenses occurred during these situations. During the flight delays which can occur anytime due to bad weather conditions or by several circumstances that can alter the flight schedules of the client.

Visa and Passport

Visa and Passports are the duly responsibility of the clients themselves which means if any complications arise due to them but must be handled solely by the client themselves. First and foremost, the client must possess a valid government approved Passport with at least 6 months of validity time period. Along with that, the clients need to possess a Nepalese Visa in order to gain entry into Nepal. This means that if the client doesn’t own the needed documents then he/she may not be able to join the trip. And so, the company in that situation has the full authority to cancel the trip entirely without any refunds. Therefore, we constantly remind our clients to be very careful and vigilant with their Passport and Visa.


Before booking a particular trip, the client must also acknowledge that the Three Diamond Adventure may use the photographs taken during the trip without providing prior information to the client. The Publicity section of Terms and Conditions allows the company to use any images particularly take during the trip for any form of promotion or publicity purposes via any means.


For all travelers under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by their parents or guardians in order monitor them. Also, Three Diamond Adventure doesn’t permit children below the age of sixteen to join in the trip unless they are attended by their legal guardian during the trip. It is also to keep in mind that, Three Diamond Adventure won’t be responsible if damage or loss of the children’s belonging ensue during the course of the trip.

Updating of terms and conditions

Three Diamond Adventures also reserves the right and authority to update/modify/change/ and alter the above mentioned “Terms and Conditions” whenever they seem appropriate without notifying the clients. The clients must keep themselves up to date with our terms and conditions, by checking our official website terms. Any dispute raised between the client and the company must be solved entirely by following the above listed terms and conditions.

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