Peak Climbing

Offering more than 1500 pinnacle summits over the stature of 5000 meters in height, Nepal is the watershed of Asia popular for its snow-white peaks. Being squeezed between the towering Himalayas and the Indian fields, Nepal is considered as a paradise haven for many mountain climbers who are attracted to Nepal with a feeling to climb one of its incredible peaks.

Three Diamond Adventures focuses on providing all the essential climbing adventure experience with a very carefully designed trip packages and apparatus which are required for a successful climb. Currently Peak Climbing has transformed into a significant part of Nepal’s tourism activities majorly for people with hunger for adventure and subsequently Nepal is considered to be one of the best places to meander upon for its brilliant peaks. Being home to many popular peaks on the planet, Nepal has all the necessary elements to offer people who have an appetite for energizing and striking mountain climbs. Along these lines, we tend to come up to the expectations of our customers by giving our customers a trip which they can treasure for their days to come. Climbing the breathtaking peaks in Nepal gives climbers with a compensated trip results that will be filled with eccentric achievements and accomplishments.

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