“Navigate through rivers & experience a heart racing adventure activity that we call Rafting.”

Rafting in simplistic term is a major sport activity which is performed in strong currents of rivers. And since few years, it has become highly popular in Nepal due to the fact that Nepal’s river host some of the most extreme rafting activities in the world.

Upon joining our rafting trip package, you along with other adventurers get to go on a thrilling river ride while you navigate your way through the river currents. A scenic drive through the outskirts of Kathmandu valley takes us to one of Nepal’s riverside which are favorable for rafting. Mainly BhoteKoshi River, Trishuli River, Kali Gandaki River, Sun Koshi River, Marsyandi River, Seti River &Arun River are the most popular Rafting rivers in Nepal currently. Upon reaching your desired location, you jump in a large inflatable boat with other crew members including your guide and then begin your rafting experience in the naturally blessed rivers of Nepal. Go through beautiful gorges, feel the thrashing water currents splashing you but most of all, don’t forget to enjoy every bit of your rafting adventure. As you can see, Nepal holds a great potential for people who have a niche for adventure which is not only limited to the Himalayas as its river offer a very promising adventure packed experiences.

Contact Three Diamond Adventure today and join our rafting trip package to encounter immense excitement of adventure with us.

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