Bhutan is a small land locked nation circumscribed toward the north by China and toward the south by India in the mainland of Asia which lies along the grand edges of the eastern Himalayas with some prolific valleys and savanna.

Figured as one of the most joyful nations on the planet, Bhutan is otherwise called "The Land of Thunder Dragon". Bhutan can be considered as a standout amongst the most restrictive vacationer destinations on the planet as a haven for untamed life which has effectively remained sequester from the outside impact of the modern world in its immaculate state. Guests who visit Bhutan shall likewise encounter four unmistakable climatic conditions in this fascinating nation, among them spring and fall seasons are typically the most well-known circumstances to visit & explore Bhutan. Explorers can also visit around the antiquated posts, religious communities, and sanctuaries having top notch exquisite design and workmanship, meet the delightful neighborhood individuals in their customary dress and learn inside and out about their one of a kind traditions, convictions and way of life. Notwithstanding the season, you can without much of a stretch travel to the enchanted and stunning landscape encompassed by iconic mountains, pinnacles and heavenly tranquil lakes. Trek to implausible passes, go around the quirkiest towns and get entranced by Bhutan's epic social and old customs with its all-around safeguarded biological eco diversity in our Bhutan tour packages.

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