Jungle Safari

“Join-in on our Jungle Safari trip to experience a rare close-up moment with nature and wildlife.”

You may have heard about Nepal’s heart-pounding treks to the exhilarating Himalayan terrains located all over the northern belt of the nation. But on the contrary, Nepal is abundantly enriched with diverse bio-diversity and wildlife which thrive on its southern belt.

To enhance your travel in Nepal, we offer a one of a kind Jungle Safari trip package for our visitors who wish to experience something rather unique and different from the treks to the frigid Himalayas. On our Jungle Safari, travelers get to enjoy a scenic drive to the lush humid plain lands of Terai region in the southern part of Nepal where many species of birds and animals can be found. Serving as a major hotspot for natural and wildlife enthusiasts, the National Parks protect the natural habitats of many living species. Hence, you get to visit one of these parks where you can enjoy a close-up personal view of rhinos, deer, tigers, chital, clouded leopard, nilgai, gaur, barasingha including many others. You can go for a fun Elephant ride through the densely covered forested lands which helps you to get near to the wild animals without scaring them away at a first glance.

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