Arranged in southern Asia between the mammoth titanic countries of China and India, Nepal is a landlocked country traversing roughly 56,827 square miles and is separated for the most part into three unambiguous topographical zones.

From the northern cold Himalayas to plain prolific marshes of Terai, Nepal is concealed with exceptionally one of a kind and extraordinary trekking destinations which pull in a large number of voyagers and travelers alike from all over the globe. In similar case coincidence Nepal's atmosphere additionally varies with its geography as Nepal has a sub-tropical to cold climatic conditions relying on the elevation of the place’s location. Generally, Nepal is well known for its high frigid Himalayan mountains, rich wetlands and green slopes with profound dim buckles and fields. Its various geology and atmosphere makes the biological ecosystem progress with differing widely varied vegetation which are not discovered anywhere else on the planet hence many individuals in addition get a kick out of the chance to visit this country of bewildering nature to learn and explore. Not just that Nepal is additionally socially speckled nation with various religions and convictions, so Nepal in each sense has all the important natural aspects and social contrasts to draw in trekkers. Individuals who happen to come upon the hypnotizing regions of Nepal can go for some courageously heart pounding journeys extending from the high Himalayan trekking to basic wilderness safari in the marshes. Adjacent to that Nepal offers different other fun packed activities like paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting & rock climbing etc...

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