Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a standout amongst the most awesome treks in the Manaslu Region. Catch the trek details, permits, itinerary, cost, route and many more here..
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Trip Highlight


  • Walk through out off-beaten terrain forests of rhododendron, oak, hemlock, pines forest and wildlife.
  • Grand view of mountains like Mt. Manaslu (8163m/26774ft), Machhapuchhre (6997m/22950ft), Gangapurna (7455m/24457ft), Annapurna I (8091m/26545ft), Annapurna South (7219m/23693ft), and Annapurna III (7555m/24350ft).
  • Crossing Larkya La Pass (5153m/16901ft).
  • Less trekkers and gorgeous mountain views Beautiful combination of culture, tradition, and lifestyle of Nepalese and Tibetan people, and Budhi Gandaki River Valley.


 Manaslu Circuit Trekking

“Surely of all the wonders in the world, the horizon is the best.”

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a standout amongst the most awesome treks in the Himalaya. It is limited on the east by the Ganesh Himal and the Buri Gandaki River pig out, on the west by the profound crevices of the Marshyangdi Khola with its Annapurna scope of slopes, toward the south in the Gorkha town in the foot of the slope, from where trekking works amid the season. Nearness of Hindu and Buddhist culture, rationed untamed life and uncommon flower assorted qualities, dazzling mountain vistas, seething and perpetual streams, vertiginous extensions and bona fide country way of life that has safeguarded the emanation since ages practically identical.

Before launching ourselves to the enchanting Manaslu Region Trekking, we take a sightseeing tour around the UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the valley. We explore the holy Hindu site of Pashupatinath, Buddhist stupas of Boudhanath & Swayambhunath and stroll around the iconic Durbar Squares. Our 17 days Manaslu Round Trek shall commence from 7-8 hours drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola which is located around 700 meters from sea level via Arughat. Soti Khola is a general rest stop for trekkers trekking to Manaslu circuit trek to Manaslu circuit or Tsum valley. Further on, we pass through small settlements of local ethnic villages of Machha Khola, Jagat, Deng, and Namrung to arrive at Samagaun on the 8th day of our trek.

Upon reaching Samagaun, you get an entire day which is planned to let you explore and discover the amazing Birendra Tal. Later, you also shall pay a visit to the Manaslu Base Camp trek which sits comfortably at the elevation of 4,400 meters above sea level. Afterward, trekkers need to move away from Samagaun and then march ahead to Samdo and Dharmasala. Kanchenjunga Trek and Manaslu Trekking are the restricted trekking area in Nepal. 

Crossing the (5,125 m) Larkya La pass, the trek from this point onward descends to the Marshyangdi Valley with awesome perspectives of Himlung Himal, Annapurna extends and different tops with rest practically opposite sides. Larkya La Pass and Tsum Valley are picking up lots of international attention from tourists/trekkers with its incredible trekking facet nowadays in Manaslu region trekking. This is the haven of numerous creatures as it contains the colossal measure of untamed life, for example, snow panther, musk deer and Himalayan Thar. However, the trek around Manaslu circuit trek touches districts since it was untouchable up to this point. Encounter the stupendous excellence of the trek to Manaslu Massif in this disconnected mountain trek. Explore religious communities and pick up understanding into a socially interesting district. Along the trail, you experience an intriguing blend of legitimate Hindu and Tibetan-style Buddhist towns. After crossing the Larkya La Pass we reach to Bhimtang and then carry on descending further all the way down to Besi Sahar for a drive back to Kathmandu where we end our trek.

Physical Status of Manaslu circuit trek

Manaslu region is located in northern part of Gorkha district connected with Tibetan plateau of china in north east and Annapurna conservation area in from the west and mid part of Gorkha district to the south and after Larke pass 5106 meters it was to Manang district. Gradually altitude varies from (600m to 8163m) has vivid micro climate habitat offering a vast environmental biodiversity.

Manaslu is know as hidden valley .Basically there are three valley that make up Manaslu conservation area, each with notable distinction and unique diversity. Nuri which literally translates in Tibetan dialect ‘to the western mountain’ is made up Budhi Gandaki Valley west of Namrung and also includes a small village Prok, separated by a Budhi Gandaki  river parts of prok and Bihi VDC.Tsum Valley VDC is characterized by its isolation and roots to ancient buddism.It falls on the Eastern sector of the conservation on area and includes Chumchet and Chhekamear VDCs.Tsum valley is declared as the area of non violence  and killing of animal is strictly prohibited.

Major Tourism attraction at Manaslu Circuit trek

Manaslu Circuit trek offers rare glimpse at a relatively untouched part of the world, due to challenging landscape and breathtaking mountains.Mount Manaslu 8163 meters is eight highest peak in the world. Ancient Gumba,Mhane wall,Kahne ,chhortens and Bhotias  major  ethnic group remain relatively untouched by the time boast traditional rich culture heritage of the region.This trek that offer unique landscape,hidden valley,waterfalls,off beaten path,forest,lakes(Duthkunda ,Kaltal,birendra tal, ) less tourist are major attraction of this region. Agriculture and tourism is main occupation in this region.karu, (necked barley)Buckwheat,maize,potato and wheat major crops. The area is popular for habitats of 39 species of mammals, including endanger species like snow leopard,Lynx,Gray wolf, Musk deer, Assamese monkey, Blue sheep, Himalayan thar represents bio-climatic zones vary from sub tropical to Nival. Nineteen types of forest vegetation provide homes of different protected, endangered animal and plants. 201 species of birds and 756 species of plants are recoded from this area.

Presently open to all sorts of trekkers with the good amount of physical fitness, the trek to Manaslu region offers a decent blend of social differences and phenomenal Mountain View to anyone who comes upon its exotic terrains. We usually prefer March to May and September to November as the favored season for this particular trekking. Come and be a part of Three Diamond Adventures to explore this untouched indigenous locale with our experienced team of individuals right now.


What is the restricted area trekking in Nepal?

Restricted area trekking means those areas are strictly controlled to entry for foreigners, to trekked this area foreigners need a special permit. These areas are strictly controlled by the policeman (a liaison or environmental officer). Rather than other trekking areas of Nepal, these are the more remote area of Nepal. This area you are more careful about emergency excavation (accident, illness, theft). Along with restricted are is supervision by government and provide high security according to trekkers. To get restricted area permit we have to start issue permit 21 days ago. The government of Nepal only issue permit if there is minimum 2 trekkers. Restricted trekking is only allowed for foreigners to corporate with trekking agencies of Nepal you have to bring government to authorize trekking guide and Sherpa.


Trekking Permit and price of Manalsu Circuit Trek

Restricted area trekking permit can be obtained from the department of immigration, Kalikasthan, Kathmandu, Nepal. From September to November per week per person US$ 70 and After 7 days per day per person US$ 10, and From December to August per week per person US$ 50 and After 7 days per day per person US$ 7, Or equivalent convertible foreign currency. Manaslu circuit is conected with A CAP it cost 28 $ it will end at Dharapani same permit will work for annapurna circuit trek if you are interested.


Trekking Gear

 Above 3000m the weather at night will be freezing cold. we recommend to bring down jacket,sleeping bag(thermal liner make it extra toasty), fleece jacket, thermal underwear, pairs of long paints,3 synthetic t-shert,footwear Trekking boot, trekking socks, rain coat,wollen hat,globes,sun lotion, polarized sunglasses, travel towel, tissue paper, lip bam,camera,back up for mobile and sandal for evening  walk.

You will need first aid kit including medicine like,Diamox (for any symptoms of headaches, dinginess, loss of appetite) diarrhea, antibiotics, bandage for blister, use a lot of water and be vegetarian is best way to survive in mountain. 


Best Season for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Best season to do Manaslu trek is from March to May and September to December. Even from May to September it will be monsoon time possibly rainy. From December to March to the weather reach below zero but you will see amazing views of Mt. Manaslu and Ganesh himal,even in off season there are few trekkers in mountain.


Trekking guide and potter required for Manaslu Circuit Trek

The government of Nepal considers hiring guide or potter above 3000m height. Government have every year providing special training for guide how to be safe on high mountain from altitude sickness, how to use first aid Medical kit in emergency, how to safe life of injured trekkers life in high mountain. Trekking guide has many advantages to High Mountain they will explain about nature, culture, customs, flora and fauna. Every year we heard news trekkers are disappeared in mountain because of lonely trekkers. Before booking your trip insure that your company is register at “Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal’’ (TAAN) WWW.TAAN.ORG.NP. Mountain every places it will difficult to find luxurious hotel that why we will provide accommodation according availability of local place sometimes they will offer wooden house rooftop is covered with tin. Join with Three diamond Adventures to make your holiday unforgettable in Nepal.


Outline Itinerary Manaslu circuit trek

This is only recommended route or itinerary for Manaslu Circuit Trek. This itinerary is customizable.

Day 01:Arrive international airport in Kathmandu and transport to the selected hotel.

Day 02:Kathmandu Valley full day sightseeing with the professional tour guide.

Day 3:Kathmandu-Arugath (550 m) 7 hrs bus/ jeep; 1 ½ more by jeep to SotiKhola (597 m)

Day 4:SotiKhola (597 m) to Machhakhola (825 m) 6 hrs

Day 5:Machhakhola (825 m) to Jagat (1330 m) 7-8 hrs

Day 6:Jagat (1330 m) to Deng (1860 m) 6-7 hrs

 Day 7:Deng (1860 m) to Namrung (2580 m) 6-7 hrs

Day 8:Namrung (2580 m) to Samagaon (3480 m) 6 hrs

Day 9:Rest day Samagaon (3480 m) to acclimatization walk to Birendra Tal and eventually to Manaslu Base Camp (4400 m)

Day 10:Samagaon (3480 m) to Samdo (3865 m) 3-3 ½ hrs

Day 11:Samdo (3865 m) to Dharmasala/Larke Phedi (4470 m) 3-3 ½ hrs

Day 12:Dharamsala/Larke Phedi (4470 m) to Bimtang (3740 m) 8-12 hrs walk via Larkya La pass (5125 m)

Day 13:Bimtang (3740 m) to Tilije (2300m 6hrs)

Day 14:Tilije (1963 m) to Dharapani (1963 m 6 hrs)

Day 15: Dharapani to Beshishar (5hr by jeep or trek 9 hr)

Day 16: Beshishar to Kathmandu (7hrs by bus).

Day 17 : Final departure to  Tribhuwan International airports.



Manaslu Circuit Trekking Map






Day 01

Arrive international airport in Kathmandu and transport to the selected hotel.(1350m)

Upon your arrival to the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, our representative of the Three Diamond Adventure will welcome you at airport. we will transfer you hotel by our private vehicle.we will help you checked in to your hotel according to you booking. You can either take rest or move around a famous tourist area in Kathmandu, Thamel. Thamel is tourist hub you will get many restaurant with continental and Nepali cuisine there. You will also be briefed about the entire trek on this day and you will meet your guide.

Day 02

Kathmandu Valley full day sightseeing with the professional tour guide.(1350m)

 Swoyambhunath Stupa – The Monkey Temple (World Heritage Site) Watches over the valley from the top of a hillock on its western side. The huge stupa is one of the holiest Buddhists sites in Nepal Pashupatinath Temple (World Heritage Site)Pashupatinath is one of the most sacred Hindu shrines in the world and lies 5 KM east of the city center. The richly-ornamented pagoda temple the sacred Linga, or phallic symbol, of Lord Shiva builds in 400 AD. Devotees can be seen taking ritual dips in the holy Bagmati River flowing beside the temple. You will see Hindu dead body fire cremation there. Patan Durbar Square (World Heritage Site)Patan Durbar Square is an enchanting combination of palace buildings, artistic courtyards and graceful pagoda temples. The former royal palace complex is the center of Patan’s religious and social life, and houses a museum Roof struts are decorated with erotic carvings. One remarkable monument here is a 17th-century temple dedicated to the Hindu god Krishna, built entirely of stone Buddha stupa is biggest stupa in Kathmandu valley you will see Buddhist culture and monks there.

Day 03

 Kathmandu-Arugath (550 m) 7 hrs bus/ jeep 2hr  by jeep to SotiKhola (597 m)

We wake up early morning take breakfast and leave Kathmandu start to ride Jeep or bus from Kathmandu to Sotikhola. We take a drive from Kathmandu to Benighat is pitch road, from benight road goes on perpendicular rough road enjoying the views of the rocky hilly areas, terraces, fields and Budigandaki rivers.  Arughat is local trading centre it takes 2 hours driver to reach Soti Khola and rest overnight night.

Day 4

SotiKhola (597 m) to Machhakhola (825 m) 6 hrs

 We wake up early to start our journey from Sotikhola to Machhakhola which will take about 6-7 hours. After crossing a popular suspension bridge of Soti Khola 710m. we see 60m long water falls,cliff,rocky and rapid budhigandaki river. Trek through Sal forests to after reaching Khursane. We make our way past terraced rice fields and up to a Gurung village of Labubesi where women wear sari and bangles. We climb behind a rocky cliff where the valley opens up. Walking through a sandy river bed, climbing over stone ridges and then again moving down to the river and crossing the suspension bridges, we climb behind a rocky cliff where the valley opens up. Walking through a sandy river bed, climbing over stone ridges and then again moving down to the river and crossing the suspension bridges, we reach Machcha Khola village and overnight at tea house.


Day 05

 Machhakhola (825 m) to Jagat (1330 m) 7-8 hrs

The next day, From Machhakhola we follow a narrow trail that takes us to Tharo Khola and finally to Khorlabesi on the south you see beautiful Ganesh himal. After a few ascends and descends, we reach a popular hot-spring called Tatopani. We will spend sometime here and can enjoy the natural hot -spring and remove all our tiredness and stress of the trek. We climb another ridge and cross the Budhi Gandaki on another suspension bridge. After this, we climb a staircase and then cross a landslide and a ridge to reach Doban.  After crossing a suspension bridge, we again climb stone staircase then go down to the river and climb some stairs again to reach Thado Bharyang. Then we cross the west bank of Budhi Gandaki, climb over a ridge, walk along the river to reach the village called Jagat where we spend over night.

Day 06

Jagat (1330 m) to Deng (1860 m) 6-7 hrs

On this day, we first reach Salleri after climbing a rocky ridge and then go towards Sirdibas settlement of some house made by hut.  We continue to Ghatta Khola and then walk upstream through a long suspension bridge to reach a Gurung village in Phillim where Manaslu conservation area project and head office. From the lower points of the village, the trail turns north trails amidst corn and millet fields, we reach Ekle Bhatti, where you will have lunch and continue our trip from a steep gorge and then descend through grassy slopes and tall pine trees to cross the Budhi Gandaki. As the trail widens, we pass through bamboo forests to reach the Deng Khola. The buri gandaki valley turns from north –south east west the main Himalayas. After crossing the river, we reach the small village called Deng where we spend over night.


Day 07

 Deng (1860 m) to Namrung (2580 m) 6-7 hrs

3 to 4 hours walk 420m ascent and 120m decent from Deng and then we cross the Budhi Gandaki and climb to reach Rana 1980m. From here we climb bhi for a while and then head west to Budhi Gandaki valley. The trail passes through forests and sees few houses above steep cliff on the opposite side of the river up and down to reach Ghap. The trail passes through well see mani wall made by family. Then we take the trail through Prok village which allows us to witness the beautiful view of Siring Himal. We follow the river; crossing it at many places and pass through dense forests you see big fir alive bird impeyan and Gompas along the way. After crossing the river deep gorge, the trail becomes leveled and after a last steep climbs people trade things from Tibet. We reach Namrung where we stay overnight. Namrung is the best viewpoint for Siring and Ganesh Himal, Mt. Himal Chuli.

Day 08

 Namrung (2580 m) to Samagaon (3480 m) 6 hrs

From Namrung a steep climb and passage through forests of firs, rhododerns and ork passed to reach Lihi 2900m.There is gompa on the side of the trail and another above the village. You see un-usual architecture house is beautiful memory of your trek. We pass through Sho and then reach Lho where you see roof of house is made by heavy wood shingles.cross the ridge and trek out Thosang khola then descend onto a rock strewn moraine across pasture and field samagaon locally known as Ro and overnight there


Day 09

 Rest day Samagaon (3480 m) to acclimatization walk to Birendra Tal and eventually to Manaslu Base Camp (4400 m)

This day is set as rest day and acclimatizes to the increasing altitudes. We stay in Samagaon and explore the surrounding areas or visit Birendra Tal and Anie Gompa.At this high elevation the only crops grown are potatoes and barely,people keep horse and yak for butter and meat.You can pass your spare time to  Pungyen Gompa which  is hidden behind the ridge in front of manaslu.It is situated on a hill near Samagaon. We hike up to the Gompa named after the two peaks of Manaslu which means bracelet.  It was destroyed when the Japanese first tried to summit the peaks. It was believed that the expedition to reach the summit might have angered the Gods. After the detour, we come back to Samagaon and spend overnight there.

Day 10

Samagaon (3480 m) to Samdo (3865 m) 3-3 ½ hrs

We follow the Budhi Gandaki River up to a stream which we cross on a suspension bridge.There is a trail to the left that lead to the manaslu base camp.When you reach Kermo Kharka ,we take the trail on the right to Larkya la. It is a fairly easy trail, passing through Mani walls and juniper and birch forests. We again cross a bridge over Budhi Gandaki and continue forward. From a stone arch, we can see a kani and after crossing it, we reach Samdo where we spend overnight.


Day 11

 Samdo (3865 m) to Dharmasala/Larke Phedi (4470 m) 3-3 ½ hrs

On this Manaslu circuit trek you have to cross many times to Budhigandaki River.  Your trek starts by crossing a wooden bridge over Budhi Gandaki River and begin hiking upwards. After crossing a few streams and seeing a glimpse of the Larkya glacier, we go around a valley and make our way upwards again to reach a guesthouse called Dharmashala.  This short walk to Larke Phedi provides enough time and rest to acclimatize for the further trek and overnight at Larke Phadi.

Day 12

Dharamsala/Larke Phedi (4470 m) to Bimtang (3740 m) 8-12 hrs walk via Larkya La pass (5125 m)

7 to 9 hours – 810m ascent and 1570m decent and cross ridge.The trail become s rougher, steep, grassy slopes and there is snow you will difficult to find your trail.  Decent frozen lake you will cross Larkya la pass 5125m.On the way you can enjoy with Larkya glacier with exquisite views of Larkya peak. From here we can enjoy the breathtaking views of Himlung, Cheo, Kanggru and the Annapurna. It is a longer walk than other days and you reach the guesthouse among the low pastures at the dim lights of dusk. When we finally reach Bhimtang, the exquisite view of Mount Manaslu makes every step worth it.

Day 13

Day 13: Bimtang (3740 m) to Tilije (2255 m) 6 hrs

After enjoying the splendid views of the mountains from a ridge in Bhimtang, we make our way down towards a high pasture, pine, rhododendron forest then we cross wooden bridge over Dudh Khola. We walk through rhododendron forests, narrow valleys and fields before making a climb to the river bank that leads to the village of Gho.  A short walk takes us to Tilije with better accommodation options where we spend overnight.

Day 14

Tilije (2255 m) to Dharapani.

We move in a stone paved path passing through a beautiful village and then cross a bridge over Dudh Khola and trek along embankment. As you decend down through scrub forest and edge of Marsyangdi valley. After passing through a police checkpoint we make our way towards Dharapani from where we enter the Annapurna circuit section.  Overnight at  Dharapani,


Day 15

Day 15: Dharapani (1963 m) to Beshishar(5hr by jeep or trek 9 hr)

We take Jeep or trek Dharapani to Beishar, Which takes 5 hours by Jeep Descent down through Marsyangdi Khola south fields.   We spent   overnight at Besishar

Day 16

Beshishar to Kathmandu (7hrs by bus).

We drive along the banks of Marsyangdi and Trishuli River, witnessing the beautiful scenery of rice fields, terraced farms, rivers and valleys and refreshing views of the hilly areas and mountains. After 7 hours’ journey we reach in Kathmandu where we will spend the last night in Nepal.


Day 17

Final Departure to Tribhuwan International airports.

On your last day you can buy some gift to your family and friend, we will drop you off at Tribhuvan International Airport. We would like to welcome you again to visit Nepal for trek other destination and tour in Nepal for next time.


  • Pick up ,drop & depature to airpot  on a private vehicle.
  • 3 nights’ accommodation in Three Star Hotel in Kathmandu including breakfast
  • Guided sightseeing tour in Kathmandu around Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath &Patan Durbar Square.
  • Best available teahouse/lodge accommodation during the trek
  • One qualified, well-informed and experienced English speaking trekking guide (6 trekkers= 1 guide) and porters (2 trekkers= 1 porter)
  • Full course meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the trek
  • Sleeping bag for use during the trek{which will return after the treak}
  • First aid medical kit
  • TIMS and M cap national park  Permit
  • All government taxes{all charge of temple and monastaries}



  • International and domestic flight cost.
  • Nepal visa arrangement.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Extra nights’ accommodation in Kathmandu/mountain the case of changes made to the itinerary due to early arrival/delayed departure or an early return from the mountain
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu.
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal equipment’s & clothing’s.
  • Tips for fellow guides & porters.



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Review wrote by Mark Armetto, United States
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Thank you Three Diamond Adventure, I done had Manaslu Circuit trek in 2018 April. I have have an amazing experience in my life, I had of the most stunning and dramatic view from Manaslu,Ganesh Himal and Himal Chuli.Manaslu remoteness, rougher, steep, grassy. Decent froze Larkya la pass 5125m and exquisite views of Larkya peak. Mr Rajendra Timalsina organize our trip he was himself managing director of this company. He organize our trip and ram was friendly guide makes our holiday memorable in Nepal. Mr. Ram was experience guide and knows lot knowledge about Manaslu region we highly recommend this company if anybody going Nepal.

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