Altitude SIckness

Trekking is one of the most adventurous activities which is done at high altitudes and so the danger to one health and safety increases exponentially. And for many trekkers, Nepal is the most alluring travel destinations in the world as it has an entire northern region filled with soaring snowcapped Himalayan mountains which can satisfy one’s need for genuine adrenaline rush. But when the trekking goes higher and higher from the lower regions, then trekkers increase their chances of getting Altitude Sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness which can be disastrous for them.

In simple terms, Altitude Sickness is condition which happens at high altitude due to rapid gain in height so it is a very common issue amongst trekkers who ascend through the Himalayan terrains for trekking purposes. One should understand that the environment at high altitude widely varies from the lower counterparts. So, the quantity of Oxygen molecules in the atmosphere decreases rapidly with an incline ascent. Due to which the body doesn’t receive adequate amount of Oxygen which later on cause various problems like headache, vomit, nausea and if it gets worse, one may even die. Hence, a trekker should always keep their ascent slow and easy without exerting much physical pressure to their bodies. The Himalayan terrain is already a difficult place to be and so if you decide to march head on without giving your body the much-needed time to get acclimatized then you are bound to get Altitude Sickness.

Generally, this happens at high elevations over 2,500 meters above sea level and seems to worsen after going past 3,500 meters above sea level if they are don’t descend down. The most common method of getting rid of Altitude Sickness is by descending down as this can help your body revitalize by getting the necessary Oxygen inside your body after reaching lower altitudes. Therefore, while trekking at high altitudes, one should always consider having slow pace in order to prevent Altitude Sickness and carry Diamox just in case along with their medical kit.

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